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Our Story


Who Are We?

Amir, the overachiever & Ace, the wild child--The Faces and Co-Owners of the Luxury Kids Brand, Rich Boys.

How'd We Get Our Name?

Amir & Ace's style & swagger is a miniature version of their dad Rich's. They are their father's boys. Hence, Rich Boys.

How'd We Get Our Shop?

At a Speaking Engagement once, a kid asked Amir was he Inspired by any Rappers because of how he was dressed. Amir said, "I'm not Inspired by any Rappers, I just Like to Look Fly." So for all young boys who just like to look fly, Rich Boys was created!

What We Offer?

We Provide Kids High Fashion at Low Costs and Offer Big Style for Little Dudes. Our motto of Taking whatever is Trending in Men's Fashion and shrinking it down for Boys allows us to Provide Affordable Luxury Worldwide.

What We Stand For?

Rich Boys Believe that by Exposing Young Boys to a Lifestyle that they may have only Attached to a Pro Athlete or a Rapper, we are Showing them that they can Be Whatever they want to be and still Look Fly and Feel Rich. Ultimately, we are building confidence through clothes and encouraging kid entrepreneurship along the way. Every Boy Can be a Rich Boy!